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Hope you all had a nice weekend. For me, I’m still having inconvenient days after I burnt my fingers on my right hand (my dominant hand)! I shampoo on my left, I brush my teeth on my left and I hold chopsticks on my left. I’ve got moist healing for my level 2 burn and hope they get better soon.

Good think is that my 6yo daughter has been sooooo helpful! I cannot hold my knife properly so she helps me cut and prepare dinner. Over the weekend, we tried to make our own tofu from chick peas and she did all the process! From grinding the peas, squeezing the soy milk (chick milk?), and stir in the pan.




I helped a bit but mostly I gave her verbal instructions and showed her how-to only when necessary. While she generally helps me in the kitchen, the tofu making process was totally new to her. However, she did really well and that reminded me of one of my post regarding “How to teach your children to be more organised” and how high their potentials are.

There I shared how much I have taken the opportunities for her to grow by me saying “Mummy will help you.” In fact I was not helping her but simply just did so much by myself rather than letting her do.


While it may take time, I let her to think for herself and do things on her own. Making mistakes is absolutely okay, as it’s just another part of life, and that extends to letting her tidy up on her own. How many times in the past have I ended up saying to her “let me do it” – I’m sure a lot of you mothers out there can agree.


Sometimes I teach children how to tidy-up room visiting their places. I don’t just teach them how to tidy-up, but we start from accessing the amount of current belongings, review their lifestyle and prioritise what they need. Based on that we design a system that works for the child as we plan and organise their rooms.

When they are old and confident enough, we work together alone and share what we did with parent(s) afterwards. It is simply because children can do a lot (usually more than we think for our own children), and what we have to do is to observe and guide them as necessary.


children's room organise lesson & service

children’s room organise lesson & service

How to organise crayons in different length

How to organise crayons in different length


Children can do a lot. It’s so irony that I tend to forget this to my own child! Do I remember that she was good in organising her stuffs even when she was much smaller? When I prepare a “home” for a appropriate place by observing her behavioural patterns, it looked easy for her to follow shown on the photos above and my recent post “How to organise girls’ small items”. My burns reminded me this and I’m thankful for that.

If you are interested in the topic, do join us for a after-work enrichment class on “Teach your children how to get organized: Workshop for parents” on 27 Jan from 7pm at Realfood at Killiney Road.





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