The CNY is around the corner and I see a good vibes in town! Of course with “sales” signs here and there. But have you had a sparkling encounter?

With this perpetual weather in Singapore, we tend to wear similar clothing all the time, don’t we? Even if you go out for shopping, you don’t really “meet” with something you like, don’t you?

I do encounter something on and off. It’s been a while but this is what I met last summer when I was back in Japan. I was busy organising seminars and visiting clients and didn’t have much time for myself. Although I haven’t had a lot of time dedicated just to myself, I did happen to come across a beautiful skirt.

The truth is, even when I have been able to go out shopping during that time, nothing has really excited me. It may be due to this season’s trends being overly basic, and also the fact that I’m only in Japan for a short while.

But the skirt was just what I’ve wanted!

I love it!

It looks great on me!

I haven’t come across any items that make me feel this way, but this one skirt was different.




I find that shopping can be similar to meeting a partner, so I like to think about it in a metaphorical way:


You may go to a party, strictly with the purpose of meeting a guy. There may be reliable men there, but for some reason they just don’t interest you. They may very well be good people, but don’t they seem a bit lacklustre? Simply because of the fact that you don’t have a partner at this point in time you may think that you should choose one of these men, and try to make them into who you want them to be. And then there’s a guy who arrives late just as the party is coming to an end. Doesn’t he seem a little different from the rest? But while he may seem different from the others at first, he’s not particularly striking. Nevertheless, you look really, really carefully and start to think “Well, I guess I should probably be attracted to him.” Meeting under such circumstances, you have to think very carefully.


Well that’s how I’ve imagined it anyway!

Here are three things that you should (both?) pay attention to:

  1. The first impression (is there attraction at first sight?)
  2. Making sure that they pass your own criteria
  3. Being aware of your own tastes

As simple as that.

This is what stood out to me with my skirt:

  • The gorgeous colours.
  • Also the beautiful silk texture.
  • And the wonderful shape that suits my body-type.

These three points were evident from the outset, but added to that, I could also tell that if I were to add it to my closet, I could increase the number of possible outfits and possibilities to wear it. The skirt is not only colourful, but it has a muted tone that would enable me to still wear it and appear mature. I’ve actually worn it to colour lessons, the hair salon, and a party to celebrate a friend’s new business. And back in Singapore, I can envisage wearing it to restaurants, fashion counselling sessions and also meetings.

Being able to think about shopping in this way is different than just spending money to satisfy yourself. This is adult-shopping with clear intention, rather than simply being an excuse to buy something.

These secrets are for those of you overwhelmed by fashion, and even for those of you searching for a partner!

  1. The first impression (is there attraction at first sight?)
  2. Making sure that they pass your own criteria
  3. Being aware of your own tastes

This is very important.

But perhaps of the greatest importance:

   4. It elevates yourself

Whether you meet a person or perhaps some lovely clothing, make sure to keep the relationship positive :)


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